A Luscious Kurdistan Strawberry

Penumbra Magazine Issue July 2012

Penumbra Magazine
Publisher & Category:
Musa Publishing
ISSN: 2163-4092

Pareevash, a dark-eyed, black-haired, nude beauty basked in the gentle glow of the early Andalusian dawn. The heady, romantic scent of roses filled the air, and song birds throughout the courtyard below chirped brightly. She titled the head of a wall climbing rose and sniffed the wonderful scent. From the corner of her eyes she saw stealthy movements among the shadows of graceful arches. She studied the shadows until a smirk filled her face with delightful recognition of the secret lovers in the shadows.
Yes, save for scattered showers, the day was going to be another beautiful spring day with great promise, perhaps marred only by the occasional whiff of riot gas.
The spring shower, glistening with magic sparkles in the afternoon sunlight, washed across the flower filled red palace fortress of the magnificent 14th century Calat Alhambra. The near mythical structure perched on a plateau surrounded by wood groves, and once the seat of powerful Medieval Muslim rulers, hummed again with diplomatic purpose. More than a score of languages filled the delicately and beautifully decorated halls, courts, and gardens.
In stark contrast to the quiet diplomacy that echoed within the pink walled Alhambra was the dim roar from outside the walls. White clouds of riot gas drifted with the breeze as crowds of international protesters clashed with uniformed riot police. On the roof of the Alhambra, standing before every entrance, and stationed at critical junctures throughout the legendary palace, were armored and armed figures.
Whenever international leaders gathered for a summit, protests were nothing new. But the meeting of the G20, as the annual gathering of finance ministers from the world’s 20 most powerful economies was called, combined with attendance by the G8, the leaders of the world’s eight most powerful nations, was a trigger unlike any ever seen before. Days before a flotilla of government jets flew into the heavily guarded Federico Garcia Lorca Airport, protesters from around the world flooded Granada and the surrounding countryside. Grim-faced security forces, police and army, established roadblocks and laid coils of deadly razor wire in order to keep the protesters away from the world’s governmental elite.
And so the historic three-day summit of meetings, formal state dinners, and security escorted tours, began with carefully rehearsed smiles and speeches, backed by restrained deadly force…
A Luscious Kurdistan Strawberry

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