Galleria Millennia

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Galleria Millennia
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EXCERPT: “April showers bring May flowers, or so the old saying goes,” Gordon Linn, a successful Seattle entrepreneur, told his new-found friend as they walked along Seattle’s famed waterfront early one evening. “Sometimes they bring more than May flowers,” he mused as he stared across the water sparkling in the chilly rays of the setting sun.

“Really?” replied his companion, an aspiring artist studying at a local institute. They had met at an opening. The sun was slowly disappearing as if being swallowed by the darkening waves. Thin, misty tendrils rose into the air from the water. “In what way?”

“Did I ever tell you about Jack Britain?” The artist shook his head. “He was a bright young man—a computer programmer with a good head for business. For three years before the turn of the century, he rode the crest of the Y2K tidal wave of worry that swept the world. He recruited a few programmers and called the group Task Force Millennium Cure. They were doing okay preparing clients to weather the anticipated crisis, and they had retainers from others, just in case.”

“I remember those years,” the artist nodded. “Of course nothing happened.”

“Yes. The networked world didn’t crash, and there were only a few hiccups. Anyway, Jack came to my attention through a couple of acquaintances. I listened to his spiel and provided seed money to expand his operation in return for a piece of the profits. He had some good back-up business plans, just in case Y2K wasn’t the disaster everyone expected. Like I said, he was a bright young man.”

“Go on.”

Gordon looked at the artist. The young man had talent. And, in a few years, his work might become a valuable investment. A narrow scar across the artist’s left cheek added an air of mystery that was always good public relations, especially for someone in a creative field. Gordon supposed he wanted to talk about agent representation or financial support for career development, though why he asked to meet at the bayside wharf was a puzzle.

He nodded slowly and said, “Let me tell you about Jack Britain and his visit to Colorado.”


One year, April showers came to a city in the foothills below Pike’s Peak and turned into weeks of chill, misty rain…

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