Intimate Journeys

Intimate Journeys- SS Hampton Sr.

Intimate Journeys
SS Hampton Sr. Ed. Mel Jacob
Publisher & Category:
Melange Books
ISBN: 978-1-61235-332-6

Every journey through life is an intimate journey simply because it is someone’s personal journey. Sometimes the journey is like being alone in a small boat the mercy of wild ocean currents, and sometimes the journey is like being part of a crew in a strong ship with billowing, wind-filled sails…

With closed eyes the tall, bald, square-faced man reveled in the warmth of the setting sun and enjoyed the gentle caress of the breeze that rustled the leafy fronds of the surrounding date palms. He inhaled the heady aroma of perfumed flowers and listened to the buzz of bees flitting from flower to flower. From far below, like the shimmer of the desert heat, rose the music of drums, pipes, lutes, and lyres, the sweet voices of young women singing, and the muted roar of the crowds.
“Alulim,” a throaty, seductive voice whispered with the softness of the sun-warmed wind. “I have accepted your sacrifices for many years.”
The kneeling man dressed in a leather kilt decorated with hanks of sheep wool, opened his eyes and gazed upon a dusky-skinned woman with bright obsidian eyes, and long raven-black hair that fluttered in the soothing breeze. She wore a shoulder collar of gold, blue lapis lazuli, and red carnelian, and left shaped earrings of gold dangled from her ears. She wore a long sleeveless dress of colored wool, and was barefoot.
She smiled and held a black and red-henna decorated hand out to him. “Take my hand,” she said with a crooked little smile. “Come with me at last. Enjoy my love.”
Thin clouds on which the setting sun cast shades of orange, white, red and yellow floated across the twilight sky behind her. The life-giving sea sparkled in the distance as did the waters of the marshes that reached from the sea up to the surrounding fields. Shadows crept across the flat sandy landscape that was marked by the patterns of fields of einkorn and emmer wheat, peas, greens, and onions, all watered by a network of irrigation canals.
The man’s heart sank at the approach of the twilight shadows. Night would soon overtake his city. Then, a look of suspicion mixed with unrequited love crossed his narrow face, and his pleasant eyes darkened.
“No,” he answered firmly.
The woman’s eyes glittered darkly and her fingers curled as if to become talons.
“Alulim,” she said, “my love for you is all that stands between you and my sister. Come with me.”
“No,” he answered firmly.
The woman’s eyes glittered darkly and her fingers curled as if to become talons…
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