Knowing and Unknowing

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Knowing and Unknowing
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Whispering Spirits

EXCERPT: When Sam Richards left the loud and crowded Corner Stone Cellar a stinging blast of snow blown wind pummeled him mercilessly.

He pulled the collar of his trench coat around his neck and stuck his hands in his pockets as he rounded the corner to his parked car. He looked over his shoulder as quick footsteps approached from behind.

Several Goths, male and female, oblivious to the snow in their velvet and lace clothing, smiled at him. One of the females had thick shoulder length black hair with bangs across her forehead, eyes outlined with black and lips painted with black lipstick within a full, white face. Her golden eyes lingered on him as they walked past. Then they were gone, lost within the swirling snowstorm that blew across the conservative city at the edge of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

"I don't know what happened," Lois Strong said as she made sandwiches for her and her cousin Sam. She slapped the buttered toast onto the ham and cheese, almost crushing the sandwich, and toast crumbs flew everywhere. She smiled awkwardly.

"He just disappeared?" Sam asked as he sipped his coffee and lit a cigarette. Lois was still an attractive woman despite having two children and plunging back into the working world after being abandoned by Barrett, her unimaginative librarian husband of 20 years, the year before. She looked tired, though.

"He left the library early one day and I, no one, ever heard from him again." Sam knew the story. He heard about it after Lois called their uncle, who told his father. He promised to visit and see what he could find out when he finished his second combat tour in Afghanistan. "Our car, his car, was found at an overlook in Palmer Park overlooking I-25.”

"What about the guy who visited him just before he disappeared? Is there anything else you remember?"

"Ed Reynolds? Barrett doesn’t have best friends, but if he did, Ed would have been. We helped him through his divorce a long time ago. He was the office manager at a small law firm downtown near the courthouse. According to people at the library, Ed went into Barrett's office and shortly after Barrett came running out. Ed never came out…

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