The Globe Theatre in Moonlight

Penumbra Magazine Issue Febuary 2012

Penumbra Magazine
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Musa Publishing
ISSN: 2163-4092

A chill mist rolled through the night, and from scattered grayish-white clouds that played hide-and-seek with the bright full moon drifted a fine drizzle that tenderly splashed the thin, upraised face.

Jeremy Rubens unceremoniously burped, blinked, and took a deep gulp of the Winter Warmer ale from his pewter tankard. He turned in an unsteady circle and grinned at the wood stage with a pair of large timber pillars that supported a roof and a trio of balcony fronts facing the stage—the roof and balconies being part of the “penthouse” that towered over the stage—and the shadowed three-story galleries of the circular open air theatre. Though he was very late, for the theatre was closed, he finally stood within his personal shrine—the 1999 reconstruction of William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

He fell in love with the theater during high school—he was a lousy actor, as most students were, but he was attracted most to the power of the spoken line, and the talent and dedication required writing powerful plays. He admired the great playwrights who impacted others through their plays.

Encouraged by his high school English teacher who directed a couple of off-Broadway plays in her younger years, he left his small town in southeast Kansas and moved to the big city of Topeka. He worked as a retail clerk during the day and studied for a degree in the theater, and English at night. It wasn’t an easy life, but he was driven by the vision of someday seeing his plays on the stage, maybe even, hopefully, someday performed at the resurrected Globe Theatre.

That was Jeremy’s vision until the World Trade Center towers collapsed in smoky agony, the victims of a merciless, unreasoning hate that claimed thousands of innocent lives.

The theater could wait—the traditional military service of his family demanded that he go off to war to avenge and defend his country. He traded the quilled feather pen and parchment of his chosen profession for the M4 Carbine and the stealth of an Army Cavalry Scout. He took part in the invasion of Iraq and after he returned home, volunteered to go back. He soon found himself fighting alongside Marines, the British and Iraqis in the Second Battle of Fallujah…

The Globe Theatre in Moonlight

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